Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding Photography ‘Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life’, Marc Anthony said and we couldn’t agree more. Every time we have the opportunity to photograph such an important moment in life, our whole heart goes out on our sleeve- of more accurately, our camera. We capture the important details, the unposed gestures, the moments when something small yet significant happens- so that in the end, you get a photo album that tells a story in the most accurate, compelling way. Most importantly, you can barely notice us. We work tirelessly to expose these speaking-volumes details, while allowing you to enjoy and live your wedding day to the full. Our top priority is to let your story unfold without repetitions, in a natural, balanced and non-hyperbolic manner. We are there to cover the bride and groom’s prep, capture the traditions, the excitement in the faces of your friends and family. We capture the moment of your first glimpse of each other, portray the ceremony from a variety of angles and carry the vibe of the wedding party within one single image. In the end, we compile the images into a digital album that takes you through the day’s most important aspects and brings together its highlights and hidden gems. Our team of masterful professional photographers combine art, ingenuity and love for detail. Our goal is to create photographs that never seize to delight, and elegantly carry your personal mark and taste throughout.