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Greece Photographer - Professional Portrait Steve Schneider

Greece  Photographer - Professional Portrait Steve Schneider

Shortly before graduating from school, Steve Schneider seemed to have a brilliant marine career ahead of him. He was a strong, fast swimmer and very smart. An accident, however, forced him to leave behind his dream and led him to a new career that he eventually loved. As a bartender, he is now very happy with what he has achieved since he has become the head bartender at Employees Only in New York, one of the 50 best bars in the world, and then a co-owner at Singapore's new Employees Only. The good thing, according to Steve, is that all partners are willing to learn and develop their subject knowledge, which creates amazing prospects for the future of the business. In 2015, Steve Schneider was an honorary guest at the Skinos Mediterranean Cocktails Challenge in Greece. The famous bartender said he was very excited to participate in the event, have the opportunity to watch the contestants and share some of his knowledge and skills through a unique guest bartending as well as through the seminars he led. Steve's professional photography was conducted by Hector Nikolakis (POVstudio).

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