Pre-Wedding Photographers in Greece

Pre-wedding photography in Chalkidiki - Asteris & Izabella

Pre-wedding photography in Chalkidiki - Asteris & Izabella

Pre-wedding photography is always one of the favorite experiences of couples and myself. The couples, excited and happy as the date of the wedding approaches, are photographed carefree and very much in love.

Asteris and Izabella traveled from Germany and Belgium to Greece, the home country of the groom, for their wedding. A few days before the big event, we met in Chalkidiki for their pre-wedding photography. Both of them looked restful and very beautiful, and this helped in the creation of some wonderful pictures.

We started with a short walk through the dense forest seen in the photos, heading towards the blue coast of Chalkidiki. The serenity of the sea and the reigning summer sun greatly relaxed the couple, whom the lens seemed to love. With their hands firmly held, Asteris and Izabela did not cease to express their love.

A careful, professional photographic session, like the one with Izabella and Asteris, presents the couple with such powerful memories, and also provides a unique opportunity to create a very beautiful relationship between the photographer and the couple to be married. 

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