Destination wedding photography in Greece

Destination Wedding Photography, Maria & Oscar

Destination Wedding Photography, Maria & Oscar

A destination wedding in Thessaloniki, Greece Destination Wedding Photography, Maria & Oscar

When Maria and Oscar enquired for a wedding photoshoot, we were as excited for the wedding as we would be for good, old friends. We had the opportunity to meet them both during numerous weddings in the past, and knew them well.

Maria is an incredibly charming lady with a disarming smile- one that Oscar didn’t fail to notice, when these two met in Amsterdam a few years back. The couple now lives in London and decided to get married on the 21st of August. For that, they chose Maria’s hometown, Thessaloniki- a popular destination for weddings due to its proximity to the beach and easy access for international guests. They chose a magnificent Byzantine church, built in the 2nd century BC and a Unesco heritage site- the space allowed our photographers to take pictures full of character and carrying a unique story.

Maria chose a chic, minimal gown featuring clean lines. The design accentuated her figure with its open back and neck-to- navel slit on the front- yet retained its structural shape. The preparation of the bride took place in the family residence while the groom chose Hotel Nicopolis. Oscar wore a midnight blue three-piece that aligned with Maria’s style, creating thus an image of refined aesthetic and elegance.

The overarching theme of this tasteful destination wedding was simplicity, challenged by the splashes of colour of the ‘Urban Jungle’ floral arrangements. Phalaenopsis, Strelitzia, red ginger and banana leaves adorned the church while the bridal bouquet consisted of white Calla lilies. Such vibrant elements are always welcome by top wedding photographers, as they truly elevate the pictures and contribute to the high quality result. 

The orthodox Christian ceremony was conducted in both English and Greek- a detail that surprised the couple, who were not briefed in- which made it easier for the English, Dutch, Australian and French guests to follow. Everyone was offered chilled beverages after the ceremony- nothing better than some cucumber diffused water and fresh lemonade to keep the heat of the day at bay!

The wedding reception took place in one of the best seaside venues in town, Les Zazous Bar Restaurant. The city lights and the moon reflecting on the calm sea offered a splendid view. The decoration followed the wedding theme. Vases with fiery reds, vibrant oranges and lush greens were scattered around the space and on the dining tables. Candles and candelabras, silverware and a magnificent entrance table, offering a selection of wedding treats to those who filled in the wish book- all arranged by Mya Wedding and the couple’s planner Helena Paleologou. The wish book, as well as the pre-wedding video clip were shot in London. While the video clip was shown, the couple used the last bit of the song to make an entrance amid fireworks and a loud applause from the excited guests- a moment and sight I personally loved as a wedding photographer.

The reception party went on till the early hours, fuelled by the open bar and the incredible cocktails that had crowds raving. The couple took full advantage of the night, enjoying themselves surrounded by their beloved ones. Our team made sure they have their hearts full of good memories, that will last forever through their pictures. 

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