Pre-Wedding photoshoot in the Beach

Romantic pre-wedding photography - Dimitris & Voula

Romantic pre-wedding photography - Dimitris & Voula

All couples enjoy the experience of a professional photography session that allows them to be both spontaneous and comfortable. This is the role of pre- wedding photography, where a couple's daily walk in a beautiful place can be transformed into eternal, tangible memories, with the photographer's care.

Dimitris and Voula have such a strong bond between them that is very difficult to describe. Through their photography, however, we can get a taste of their love. They are enjoying our walk by the sea, hugging each other, glowing and being happy together. Voula looks ethereal in her white, airy dress, and Dimitris, her future husband, is charming. They are both very beautiful people who become even more beautiful when next to each other.

The time I spent with Voula and Dimitris was delightful. Through our photography, I was able to get to know them better, and they got to know me better as well. The couple seemed to love the finalized photos and enjoy that day as much as myself, their photographer. 

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