Wishbook photoshoot in London

Pre-Wedding photoshoot in London - Nafsika & Spyros

Pre-Wedding photoshoot in London - Nafsika & Spyros

Last April we joined Nafsika and Spyros in London for their pre-wedding photoshoot. London is a unique city, boasting a variety of spots ideal for outdoor photography. At the time of our shoot, parks provided us with amazing frames- intense greens, rare flowers and leafy trees. It was a dreamy setting. 

For this wishbook photoshoot, we initially focused on capturing the landmarks of London- the magnificent Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, glorious Tower Bridge and even the huge disk of London Eye. The aforementioned parks, invited us to wander through lush green paths and photograph the couple surrounded by the most beautiful flowers and trees.

The whole experience lasted merely a day, but it was enough to create a strong foundation of familiarity and trust. The results of which are forever imprinted in their beautiful wish book, by now filled with wishes for love and prosperity from their loved ones. 

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