Destination Wedding photography in Alonissos

Wedding photography in a Greek island, Mahie- Paul

Wedding photography in a Greek island, Mahie- Paul

The arrival of Fall and the island of Alonnisos, Greece, will always trigger memories of the wedding of Paul and Mahie. There is a unique quality about this couple- the charm of the groom compliments the elegant beauty of the bride and makes them stand out immediately.

The wedding was on the 3rd of September- a very sunny, warm day. The bright light, the green, lush scenery and foremost the love these two, so openly share, inspired me. The result was a wedding photoshoot flooded by emotion that produced amazing results.

Friends and family kept on arriving throughout the days leading up to the event. It was essential to relax and enjoy the waiting time together; and nothing could achieve this better, than a cocktail party the night before the wedding pictures.

The Christian wedding ceremony was held in a small chapel, located in the center of Chora, the main port of the island. Mahie’s wedding gown was in beige and white hues; a light and airy creation in beaded lace. The bride looked stunning with her open back and elegant décolletage. The groom wore an exquisite suit in dark blue, perfectly matching the outfit of his leading lady. The spot-on coordination of colors, the vivid backdrop and the breathtaking views truly elevated the wedding pictures.

The wedding reception was held by the beach, framed by olive trees and a myriad of white roses and lavender bouquets. The atmosphere was lively and fun, proven by the smiles and laughter of the guests and couple. The setting was exactly what any top wedding photographer wishes for.

The night went on a pace till the small hours, offering unique moments and memories- all masterfully documented by our crew. We completed the experience of this dreamy summer wedding with an artistic photoshoot the day after. We captured a more personal and evocative impression of the couple- one now available to revisit forever, through the charm of their pictures. 

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