Portrait Photography

I have tremendous respect for the face. It is one’s focal point, a strong differentiation element and a unique feature of expression and identity. allows me to convey a strong personal story through one single image- that is why I find such a deep, personal experience. In order to compile this ‘visual biography’, my initial step is to understand more about you and your own, individual truth. I strive to build a relationship of trust and comfortable intimacy. I want to create an atmosphere where you can relax and let your personality and idiosyncrasy unfold. This ‘organic’ approach gently peels off layers of shyness, insecurity and timidness- allowing you to shine through your most confident and attractive self. I change my approach and style guided by the demands and purpose of the (whether is for or , of an versus matter-of-fact nature etc) Thus far I’ve had the chance to work with a few of , ,and . Check out the list below, or visit the link for a full view. Magazines & Publications GLOW Close-up Cozy Fairytale Diva’s Wedding Adore Hotels, Hospitality & Fitness Thea ακεδονία Palace Ekies all Senses Resort Mare Hotel Pink Monkey café Olea Anahata Yoga studio Consumer Products & Brands SKINOS Mashiha Spirit Ancient Kallos Resort Wear