Destination Wedding photoshoot - Dimtiris & Voula

Wedding photography in greece - Destination Wedding photoshoot

Wedding photography in greece - Destination Wedding photoshoot

The Destination wedding photography of Dimitris and Voula is as astonishing as that day was. This is the result of the strong bond that joins the fitting couple together.

Dimitris prepared himself for his wedding in his father's house. The dozens of frames decorating the area reveal the family's special taste and served positively in photographing the groom's preparation. Dimitris was shaved and then dressed in the company of the best man and his friends, getting ready to live one of the most beautiful moments of his life.

Voula, a gorgeous woman and very impressive as a bride, began to prepare herself early, together with her friends. The dazzling bridal gown suited her so beautifully and looked just incredible in the photographs. Her family, always at her side, admired her, deeply proud and excited.

The moment of the couple's meeting was only a few minutes away. When the time arrived, the bride and groom met outside the door of the church, and great emotional moments were being anticipated. The wedding ceremony began with notes of happiness and love being in the air, and it spectacularly ended with the exit of the newlyweds from the church, the shower of rice and smiles that followed.

Immediately after the wedding sacrament was completed, we followed the couple, their best man and maid of honour to the boat of Dimitris' sister. There, everybody enjoyed a range of delicacies and was photographed, spending a beautiful afternoon before the wedding party.

The wedding reception took place at Kyveli Estate. The couple's entrance marked the start of the wedding party. People's favourite dance tracks were played, and the dance floor was immediately filled. No one escaped the desire for dancing, and the fun did not end until many hours later.

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